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Monday, 24 September 2012

Me and my sheep

Sheep. Schaap. Oveja.
Me and my sheep. I met them everywhere in Spain. And talked to a shepherd but we didn't understand each other. Aje.
Maybe it's because of the shepherd stick I walked with. It was made in the Netherlands, especialy for shepherds. The wood is juniper bush, which is quite rare these days.

this is the one time I really had to use my stick, to get rid of this lazy, dribbling dog
who wanted my lunch. His ancestors bit wolves...

the no-english-speaking-shepherd!

a shepherd in Uzbekistan
q'oy is sheep in u.

I found juniper bush! Juniperus communis is said to contain mythical forces. In the old days a good walking stick was made of juniper bush. It is said you can walk longer with it than with an oak or beech stick. Sheep are friends of the juniper bush. On the heather fields they eat other kinds of young trees, that are more tender, so the juniper bush can grow with less competition.
I missed my sheep so much I bought one coming home
Ah, there is so much to say about sheep. Schaap in Dutch, or in old Dutch scap, old English scep or sceap. So the spelling used to be more related than nowadays. The origin of the word is unknown. But our language is filled with it. I'll stick to the Dutch: een verloren schaap (a lost sheep, from the bible); het zwarte schaap (black sheep of the family); lots of sayings to, songs, lullabies.  Schaapachtig (looking like a sheep). It is, alas, not all positive...

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